Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990 – Another Best Buy exclusive

Sometimes it feels like all Toshiba Satellite look same but this is not true especially if you have been at your local Best Buy store. For some years, Toshiba has been making laptops exclusively to Best Buy and they are a part of Blue Label series of the retailer. The look of these systems is redesigned and they are different from other Satellite laptops. I got the Satellite E205 last year in my labs for review and according to me, it was better than other laptops from Toshiba is terms of design and value. I was also curious to know if this trend would continue on the 2011 products.

Now, Toshiba is back with Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990 and I am impressed once again. It is a 14 inch laptop having a price tag of $899 and the designer is much thinner with a slick look. The specs too are solid; you get Blu-ray/DVD combo optical drive, Core i5 second generation processor, 500 GB hard disk running at 7,200 rpm and there is Intel Wireless Display 1.2 also. Unlike a lot of other Wi-Di laptops, this one comes with Netgear box which interface with the TV. There is nothing revolutionary here but this laptop easily earns a place in my list of midrange quality laptops. There aren’t any flaws here except for a missing dedicated graphics card.

The Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990 doesn’t have a really eye-catching profile like its predecessor, the E205 but the design is more functional. It is clad in metal pattern and isn’t as thick as the most recent Satellites that I have seen in my labs like the A665 and M645.

Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990 has metal chassis and it easily repels fingerprints due to patterned design. Tapered sides here cut sharper angle and still manages to fit in all expected ports along with optical drive. Metal body is continued on the inside too around keyboard deck and upper lid has black glossy plastic around inset display. It is quite similar to MacBook Pro or the recent laptops from Samsung. The looks are more professional than some tacky looking Satellites.

I really liked the keyboard of the Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990; it is one of the best laptop keyboard I have ever seen to date. The island like raised buttons are quite similar to what you get on the other laptops from Toshiba but the keys here are less cramped as compared to the 13 inch Portege R835. Buttons are less slick as compared to the other Satellites that I have reviewed in the past. With E305, the manufacturer has taken care of the complaints that I made about the keyboard of Satellites and the keyboard here is improved significantly.

The volume and the other control buttons are reversed in functions. For instance, just tapping the volume up button will increase the volume; you don’t have to press it with Fn button. Another good thing here is that the manufacturer has removed the annoying beep sound that has been plaguing the Satellite volume controls since a long time. Touch pad too is really good, it is larger and wider than its predecessor and you get lots of room for the multitouch gestures. There aren’t any tacky or big plastic buttons that I’ve seen on other models and they have been replaced by clickzones. Matte surface gives great friction while use. There aren’t any annoying LED lights surrounding the pad like the ones on A664 and M645.

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