HP Pavilion dm1z – Netbooks Are Still Good

There still are a lot a lot of PC manufacturers in the market who believes that the Netbooks arent completely dead and that there still is a little life left in this segment, and hence keeps launching new products in the segment. One such manufacturer is HP, and it would be great if you don’t tell them that netbooks are gone and tablets have taken over the market.

The latest offering from HP the HP Pavilion dm1z hardly is a Netbook which looks like as if it is swinging for the fences. The HP Pavilion dm1z is unassuming and modest, as a matter of fact you can say that it’s a cleansed-up version of a lot of netbooks disappeared from the market years ago. The dm1z intends to be a small workhorse for the modern customers and at the same time tries to look nice while it’s all set for the ride.

The HP Pavilion dm1z has a simple yet attractive design, and that is what makes it perfect for the modern customers who love carrying their workhorses along with them to places like coffeehouse and boardroom. The system has an engagement circle pattern imprinted on the lid and is not a big attention seeker, and is just a small nod in the otherwise modest system.

Under the modest skin of the system there are a large number of things. HP has gone the immensely admired route and has used the AMD E-350 CPU, which is the Intel Atom competitor as the power source of the system. This gives the dm1z sophisticated graphics  in the form of Radeon HD 6310M, which is further supported by 3GB of RAM, an 11.6 in display having 1366 x 768 pixels of native resolution and a 320GB hard drive. The HP Pavilion dm1z weighing 3.4 lbs doesn’t come with optical drives but the good thing here is that HP has included an outside DVD burner. If you want a Blu ray drive then you can easily get it by paying an extra $130.

As far as performance is considered, we have to say that the HP Pavilion dm1z delivers a lot better performance than other netbooks in the market. The AMD’s E-350 does a lot better job than the Atom and enhances the performance by more than 50 % and the system even has improved graphics.

Now like any other Netbook in the market the HP Pavilion dm1z also has some minor flaws, and the only problem that we have with the system was the keyboard and touchpad of the system, which we have to say that arent the as good as we’ve seen in some other systems in the market. We also would have appreciated the inclusion of a 4th USB port.

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